Buying a Smoker? 5 Must-Have Smoker Accessories.

You’ve spent hours researching the perfect smoker, but have you put any thought into top smoker accessories you may need? Get full enjoyment out of your smoker by having the right tools, and Jacksons Home & Garden in Dallas, Texas recommends the following 5 must-have smoker accessories:


1.     High Heat Resistant Gloves


When smoking meat, your hands are in and out of the smoker. Handling the meat. Checking the meat. And the last thing you want to do is burn your skin in the process! High heat resistant gloves are perfect for turning your meat without losing any of that beautiful bark you’ve built up and they are great for starting the fire without burning yourself. Get some and you’ll thank us later. 


2.     Chimney Fire Starter


Starting the fire can often be the most tedious part of the process of smoking meat, but it doesn’t have to be. Invest in a quality chimney fire starter, and the process is simple. All you need is a few paper towels, a little oil, and your charcoal, and the starter does the rest. 


3.     Bluetooth Wireless Meat Thermometer


Anyone who has smoked a brisket before knows how valuable this product is! Instead of frequently taking time to go check the meat, you can rely on your trusty Bluetooth wireless meat thermometer to tell you when the temperature drops or other adjustments need to be made. Simply put the probes in your meat, connect to your smartphone app, and you’re set. 


4.     Bear Claws


No, these are not the pastry variety. We are talking about a heavy duty smoker accessory that makes shredding meat a breeze. You can also use them for transferring or cutting meat with ease. Plus, they’re just fun to hold and work with.  


5.     BBQ Grill Brush


Our last must-have smoker accessory is one that you should use each and every time you use your smoker: a quality BBQ grill brush. Look into what type your smoker manufacturer recommends and plan to use it after each cooking session to keep that smoker looking brand new.

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In need of smoker accessories? Check out these must-have smoker accessories and more at Jacksons Home & Garden in Dallas, Texas!