Fire Pit Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Fire pits are the perfect addition to your Dallas backyard.


Our mild winters make them enjoyable year-round, not to mention, there is just something special about sitting around a fire with friends and loved ones, enjoying conversation and a glass of your favorite beverage. 


Before you begin the search for the perfect fire pit, Jacksons Home & Garden in Dallas, Texas recommends considering the following:


Where Will You Put the Firepit?


This may seem obvious, but first designate an area for your new fire pit. Will it be in open air or under a patio? Identifying the location of your new fire pit will help determine which type is best for you. For example, a wood fire pit cannot be burned under a covered patio, but you could use a propane or natural gas fire pit in that location.


What Style Am I Looking For?


Modern? Rustic? Elegant? Fire pits range in style, shape, color, material, etc. Consider how you will use the fire pit and what design aesthetic best fits your space. You may also want to consider the materials the fire pit is made of, since some metals will rust (like cast aluminum) and others will stain and develop a natural patina (copper).  

fire pit buying guide dallas texas jacksons home and garden


Which Fuel Do I Prefer?


While most fire pits are wood burning, you can also get propane or natural gas pits if you prefer. The benefit of propane or natural gas is that you can use it under covered patios and there are no ashes or remnants to clean up after the fire. 


If you’re ready to explore fire pits, come see us at Jacksons Home & Garden – the best home and garden store in Dallas, Texas. We have a wide selection of fire pits, grills, smokers, patio furniture, and more to make your backyard your outdoor oasis. 

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