Premium Gas Logs – Why They are Better than Burning Wood

During the winter months, few things can warm up to the core like a nice hot fire. The warmth of a fireplace draws friends and family in closer, allowing opportunities for conversation and community. 


If you enjoy a warm fire (and who doesn’t?!), have you considered gas logs? Here are a few reasons why our customers at Jacksons Home & Garden love premium gas logs:


1.    Natural Aesthetics

Gone as the days when fake, gas burning logs looked – well – fake. Now, many are custom painted and formed with grooves, allowing the convenience of a gas log with the look of real wood in the fireplace. 


2.    Ease of Use


There you are, enjoying your fire, but then it starts to die down. Instead of going out to get more firewood or stoking the fire, premium gas logs allow you to enjoy the fire as long – or as short – as you’d like. Plus – gas logs create no mess to clean. Just turn the fire on and off at your convenience. 


3.    Safety


This is huge. When burning real wood logs, there are concerns about sparks, logs rolling out of place, or faulty chimneys that can be dangerous. Not so with gas logs. Gas logs – while they do require the chimney to be regularly inspected – are as a whole much safer than wood logs. 

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4.    Cost Effective


When looking at the long-term cost benefits, gas logs win. Gas logs are cheaper to operate, as there is no need to cut and burn new wood each time you would like a fire. 


5.    Better for Our World


Unlike wood burning fireplaces, gas logs do not emit hazardous fumes into the air. They keep the air cleaner has a whole, and that’s better for the environment. 


Interested in replacing your wood burning fireplace with gas logs instead? Come see us at Jacksons Home & Garden – the best home store in Dallas, Texas and the only place to get the best deals on premium gas logs. Come see us in our fireplace showroom to learn more.