4 Common Mistakes People Make When Shopping for Outdoor Furniture

Spring patio weather is right around the corner, but is your outdoor space ready for entertaining? 


It can be tempting to jump on a sale and purchase the “pretty” set before even considering if it’s the right fit. Before purchasing new outdoor furniture for Spring, watch out for these common mistakes:


1.    Forgetting to Take Measurements of Your Space


You might think you know how big your patio space is, but without proper measurements, it’s hard to say definitively whether or not a set will fit. Be sure to map out exactly where you want furniture to go, then measure those dimensions as well. After finding outdoor furniture you like, it’s helpful to put down painter’s tape as you map it out to get the full effect of what your space will look like with that exact furniture before making a purchase. 


2.    Overlooking Your Needs


You’ve fallen in love with a patio set, but does it meet your needs? Before ever beginning the shopping process, be sure to narrow down how you will functionally use the furniture to make sure you buy something that will perform well for you. If you entertain a lot, then lots of seating is a must. Or do you spend lots of time by the pool? Then loungers would be perfect. Dining al fresco? Look for tables and chairs that meet your needs. (You get the idea.)

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3.    Not Sitting On the Furniture


Sure, it looks good – but does it feel good? You’d be surprised how often buyers will purchase furniture without determining if it’s comfortable or not. By sitting on the furniture, you’ll get a good feel for if the height works for you, if cushions are comfortable, if there is anything about the design that pokes you in the back/arms, etc. 


4.    Settling for Subpar Quality


We know that outdoor furniture is expensive, and it may be tempting to settle for cheaper furniture that is of lesser quality, but has a similar look. However, outdoor furniture is subjected to wind, moisture, humidity, sun, etc. and quality construction is going to help your furniture last. Look for furniture that is made of teak wood, wrought iron, or a high quality wicker for best results. 


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