Dallas Flower Recommendations: Garvinea Gerber Daisies

Spring fever has everyone excited to plant their Spring gardens!

One question we get often here at Jacksons Home & Garden is, “What are the best flowers for Dallas, Texas?” There are many we’d recommend, but one we are loving right now is the Garvinea Gerber Daisy! Read on to learn more about this spectacular Dallas flower:


Why We Love It

Jacksons Home & Garden loves the Garvinea because it will bloom over and over again from Spring, all the way until the first frost of the season! Sure, the flowering may stall some during the hottest days of summer, but you’ll still see blooms. Deadhead the spent blooms and expect to see even fuller growth and more blooms. Not only that, but it’s a cold hardy Dallas flower, making is a great candidate for North Texas soil. You’ll also love that it is disease and pest resistant. 

Garvinea Gerbera Gerber Daisies Jacksons Home and Garden Dallas Texas


Where Should I Plant It? 

Garvinea Gerber Daisies are best planted in containers, or as a border along a flowerbed or walkway. The blooms will provide a regal entrance or border, as the plant grows to a maximum of 12-16 inches tall. 


How Can I Help My Garvinea Gerber Daisies to Thrive? 

Garvinea prefer to be planted in a sunny area that gets 6+ hours of sunlight a day. In North Texas, that would mean a partly sunny spot would likely be ideal. Water regularly, in order to keep the soil moist, and make sure the soil is well drained and fertilized. 


Ready to learn more about the Garvinea Gerber Daisy? Want to learn more about the best flowers for Dallas, Texas? Visit our garden center at Jacksons Home & Garden and speak with one of our horticulturists. They would be happy to answer all your questions and get you started with your Spring gardening.