4 Outdoor Kitchen Mistakes to Avoid

Designing an outdoor kitchen space can be both fun – and stressful. There are so many decisions; decisions you will need to live with for years to come. Start by hiring a reputable, licensed contractor to do the work, then make sure you avoid these 4 outdoor kitchen mistakes we often see at Jacksons Home & Garden in Dallas, Texas: 


1.    Heating & Cooling Appliances Placed Together


Sometimes when outdoor kitchens are short on space, it can be tempting to put appliance next to each other. This is definitely a mistake – particularly if it’s a grill next to a refrigerator or wine fridge. Both appliances will give off heat, which can make it very difficult to keep them cool when needed. It will also compromise the appliances and could lead to them needing repair more quickly than anticipated. 


2.    Not Leaving Enough Usable Counter Space


Before starting your outdoor kitchen, be sure to think about how you’ll use the space and leave ample room for counter space. You’ll want to leave room for preparing food, serving, and entertaining. 


3.    Installing Appliances that Aren’t Outdoor Rated


You may think that indoor rated mini refrigerator will work fine, and it might, for a while. But the fact is outdoor rated appliances will last longer because they are designed to withstand the harsh elements outdoors. Don’t skimp on this or you’ll be spending more in the long run. 


4.    Failing to Triple Check Appliance Dimensions

Before appliance cut-outs are made, be sure to double and triple check the dimensions of your appliances to make sure everything will fit properly. It can be frustrating to make modifications after the fact if something doesn’t fit right. 


5.    Not Installing Proper Ventilation


When dealing with outdoor gas appliances, you’ll want to make sure everything is properly ventilated in case of a gas leak. A licensed contractor will know how to add the proper vent panels to allow airflow and prevent a possible issue. 


When you’re ready to start your outdoor kitchen, come see us at Jacksons Home & Garden! We are your Dallas home and garden store, complete with outdoor appliances, outdoor décor, and more to build the perfect outdoor living space. 

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