How to Create Planters with Panache

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We’ve all seen them – those perfectly styled, effortless planters around town – just oozing with confidence. They are beautiful and bold and add the perfect seasonal pops of color to any home garden. But how do you replicate results like a pro? Here are a few tips from Jackson’s Home and Garden – your #1 Dallas garden store – on how to create planters with panache:



Consider Vibrant Plant Combinations


The best way to get planters that pop is to have a variety of plant types planted. And here’s the secret formula: plant a combination of upright plants, trailing plants, and broad spreading plants. Using a combination of these plant types adds instant dimension and texture. Also be sure to change up the color combinations, and you can even cater to seasonal colors or other decor in the surrounding outdoor spaces.


Mix Up the Textures


If you really want to take your planters up a notch, make sure they not only have a variety of color and style, but also texture. This means broad, dull leaves, mixed with tiny berries, mixed with shiny course leaves. Each texture adds dimension to the planter.


Match Growing Conditions


The last thing you want is to decide on a combination of plants, only to realize that 2 need full sun all day and 1 only survives in the shade! Instead, choose plants with similar growing conditions. This goes for sunlight and water requirements. Also consider the location of your plantar and whether or not it will receive shade/sun, little/lots of water, etc.



Ready to create the perfect planters? Come see us at Jackson’s Home and Garden for gardening tips on how to choose the right plants for planters with panache every time and peruse our aisles of beautiful plants and flowers. It’s never too early to begin planning those planters for Fall foliage! 

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