How to Go Faux: Tricks for Using Faux Botanicals in the Home

Whenever possible, we love fresh florals and plants in the home. The presence of greenery adds life and emphasis to a space. But what if your favorite flowers are out of season? Or very expensive?

Jacksons Home & Garden also has a huge selection of faux silk botanicals, perfect for creating the same look, without the maintenance. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to use faux botanticals in the home:


1.    Mix Real and Faux 


When you buy really good faux botanicals, it’s often hard to tell the two apart! If you’re creating a full centerpiece, you can always use a bundle or two of your favorite fresh flowers, then add faux greenery for filler. Most guests won’t be the wiser and you’ll have a beautiful display that lasts longer for less. You can also keep a vase of faux greenery full, and then pair it with another small vase of fresh, seasonal flowers, only changing out the fresh flowers as need be. 


2.    Splurge on Quality


If you aren’t fooled by the faux botanicals, no one else is either. To create a timeless look you’ll appreciate for years to come, be sure to invest in high quality faux botanicals in Dallas that will last. 


3.    Build Arrangements in Odds


The best way to add interest is to create in odds. Use odd numbers of stems – 3, 5, 7, - these numbers make a “whole” in the interior design world. 


4.    Look for Pliable Faux Botanicals


As you’re shopping for the best faux botanicals, look for those that are bendable, with enough give to form the stems into the shape that you need. Also be wary of those that break when bent. You want stems that are easily pliable, but won’t snap, giving you longevity. 

Custom Silk Botanicals Dallas Texas


Ready to shop for faux botanicals?! Jacksons Home & Garden has a full selection of gorgeous selections! Everything from wreaths, to swags, to stems – we have what you need to create a beautiful home. If you’re unsure how to arrange your faux botanicals, be sure to visit with one of our design consultants who can create a faux botanical look just for you! It’s just one of the reasons we are the best home and garden store in Dallas, Texas